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Kickstarter Script

(all, or almost all fuzzies will need nametags in most scenes)

(Video of me standing in front of vacationing fuzzies – various animals reclined, playing volley ball, having a drink)

Here at <name> Vacations for Stuffed Animals… <record screech, camera shake>

(Cut to scene of stuffed non-animal critters with protest signs – Veggies, Viri, Fungi, Bacteria, Algea)

(Cut back, with other creatures added to background)

Here at <name> Vacations for Stuffed Beings, we strive … <record screech, camera shake>

(Cut to scene of stuffed non-living things with protest signs - Robots, Space Shuttle, Eiffel Tower, Left&Right, etc.)

(Cut back, with non-creatures added to backround)

Here, at <name> Vacations for Fuzzy and Plushie Companions… <record screech, start to shake>

(pan to Cinnamon holding a sign Objecting on behalf of Independent People of Fuzz and Pookie objecting on behalf of Meta-Fuzzy Companions)

No. No, no, no no, no. No. We're not doing another print run. Besides, this is getting silly.

(Cut back to most recent background)

ahem. Here at <name> Vacations for Fuzzy and Plushie Companions, we believe everyone deserves the occasional break for the routine. The trials and tribulations for Creatures of Fuzz have been often overlooked. Our scientists have spent countless hours studying this tragic situation. (cut to stuffed things in lab coat, observing a group therapy session of other fuzzies; fuzzies one upping each other – thought bubbles with voice overs.)

In order to remeedy this situation, we specialize in providing the cutting edge of relaxation technology for your furry, minimally-animate friends. (Cut to Cinnamon holding a protest sign on behalf of “Beligerant Creatures of Fuzz”; sad trombone, immediate cut back)

(scene of fuzzies relaxing in other ways – massage, next to tub, stuffed sheep grazing on houseplant.)

Located in scenic Massachusetts, our resort will be opening soon, so that these special critters can get the break that they truly deserve. All visitors will be assigned a personal conceirge, who will see to their every needs from arrival to departure (background: fuzzies with name boards next to closed boxes, some empty boxes, as well. Cinnamon with a sign with the name of a fuzzy in his formal attire. Next to box with critter climbing out. C's thought bubble “Welcome to Boston, <name>. I'll be …. LINE!” Cut to directing fuzzy, faceplanting)

Every tour will be lead by our experienced adventurer, 'Splorer Cocoa Puff (montage of cocoa puff's vacation photos.) and his resiliant sister, Powder Puff (montage of Powder puff looking at the previous photos, with a thought bubble of “stupid brother, always getting into trouble” or some varient for each). Together, they will lead your friends on a tour of local sights (background, appa driving a car, w/ driver's cap, fuzzies peering out window.)

With varying iteneraries, your plush pals will visit a variety of local sites. In addition to our lovely postal distribution center, they may visit the aquarium (cut to aquatic fuzzies at the aquarium), the Museum of Science (cut to scene of scheming scientist fuzzies at MoS), (other sites; public gardens, city hall, state house

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